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XM’s recently launched thematic indices incorporate six of the most trending themes at the moment: Artificial Intelligence Giants US Index (AI_INDX), Crypto 10 Index (Crypto_10), NFT and Blockchain Giants Index (Blockchain&NFT), China Internet Giants Index (ChinaInternet), FAANGs 10 Equally Weighted Index (FAANGs_10), and Electric Vehicles UST Index (ElectricVehicles).

Thematic Indices

Thematic indices are crafted to encapsulate the evolving trends stemming from significant changes within technological, geopolitical, and macroeconomic realms, frequently characterized by their disruptive nature.
Each thematic index establishes its unique set of eligibility criteria and rules tailored to best capture the essence of its specific theme. These criteria are designed to gauge the performance of companies influenced by the same trend.

Consequently, a thematic index may encompass stocks from various sectors, all united by a common theme. This is distinct from sectoral indices, which exclusively comprise companies within the same sector.

Artificial Intelligence Giants US Index

True to its name, the Artificial Intelligence Giants US Index comprises prominent entities deeply entrenched in the year-long frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence in the United States. Among its constituents are industry leaders like Nvidia, recognized as the current AI frontrunner, alongside smaller software firms such as C3.ai and Sprinklr.

FAANGs 10 Index the tech domination

For investors interested in the broader spectrum of major tech companies beyond those specifically focused on AI, the FAANGs 10 Equally Weighted Index presents an attractive option. This index is tailored for investors aiming to capitalize on the performance of the ten most actively traded companies listed on the Nasdaq. Constituents of this index encompass renowned names such as Apple, Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Netflix.

The Crypto 10 Index

The Crypto 10 Index is a specialized index concentrating on the cryptocurrency market, comprising ten prominent digital coins and blockchain platforms. While Bitcoin takes center stage within the index, it also includes other notable names such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, and Polkadot.

NFT and Blockchain Giants Index

The NFT and Blockchain Giants Index covers companies with some form of exposure to the broader crypto space, specifically, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Its constituents include Coinbase Global, IBM, Nike, Robinhood, as well as Tesla and eBay.

China’s Internet giants

While American tech and AI giants often grab the spotlight in the tech arena, it’s worth noting that China boasts its own array of dynamic tech titans. Companies like Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com, and Tencent are significant players in the Chinese tech landscape. The China Internet Giants Index is composed of the 30 largest among these companies, all of which are dual-listed in the US.

Electric Vehicles UST Index

Another prominent trend gaining traction recently is the surge in electric vehicles (EVs). The urgency to reduce carbon emissions, coupled with governmental initiatives aimed at addressing global warming, has fueled the adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) worldwide. While sales growth has shown signs of tapering off in the past year, there’s little indication that this slowdown will persist, with most anticipating a substantial expansion in the EV market in the years ahead.

The Electric Vehicles UST Index not only encompasses EV manufacturers but also includes companies involved in supplying essential components like batteries. Tesla stands out as the flagship name within the index, alongside other notable companies such as the Lion Electric Company and Rivian Automotive.

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Exploring trends and investment opportunities in thematic indices


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